Nokona Buffalo Combo Fastpitch 32.5" Catchers Mitt - GW RTP

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GloveWhisperer Gloves are delivered fully Broken-In and Ready to Play. Each glove has been given full flexibility and set in a neutral position. Every GW Ready To Play TM (GW RTP TM) glove is READY FOR THE PLAYER TO MAKE THEIR OWN. GW RTP SERVICE IS INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE PRICE.

Nokona Buffalo Combo Series Fastpitch 32.5" Catchers Mitt

 Made from Buffalo and Walnut leathers to give ultimate balance of softness and sturdiness

 Buffalo leather is highly regarded for its unique appearance and hardy nature, and is renowned for its flexibility while retaining its shape and fit

 Walnut is a full aniline leather, hand crunched and baled in the wet blue state with the creases stained darker, then vacuum dried, with a feel top added to provide tackiness when handled

 32.5" Catcher's Mitt

 Closed web

 Closed back

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