Nokona Buffalo Combo 32" Catcher's Mitt - GW RTP

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GloveWhisperer Gloves are delivered fully Broken-In and Ready to Play. Each glove has been given full flexibility and set in a neutral position. Every GW Ready To Play TM (GW RTP TM) glove is READY FOR THE PLAYER TO MAKE THEIR OWN. GW RTP SERVICE IS INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE PRICE.

Nokona Buffalo Combo 32" Catcher's Mitt Nokona uses premium quality, select American Range Bison from ranches in South Dakota Nokona Buffalo Leather provides the best of both worlds, as it creates a glove that is both soft and sturdy For players looking for fast break-in, we have combined Buffalo with Nokona’s Walnut HHH Leather, producing a robust yet supple glove

  • 32" catcher's pattern
  • Closed web
  • Closed back

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