GW-RTP: All-Star Pro Elite 33.5" Mitt Solid Black edition

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GloveWhisperer Gloves are delivered fully Broken-In and Ready to Play. Each glove has been given full flexibility and set in a neutral position. Every GW Ready To Play TM (GW RTP TM) glove is READY FOR THE PLAYER TO MAKE THEIR OWN. GW RTP SERVICE IS INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE PRICE. All STAR PRO is part of GW's Quick Ship program, their Gloves usually ship in 5 business days or less If you need to expedite your order please call us at 203-487-8997.


CM3000BK : Throws with right hand, wears on left.

  • These solid black mitts are perfect for a player looking for a stiffer glove.
  • Compared to the original black and tan CM3000 series, this glove features the stiffer black leather on both the inside and outside of the glove.
  • The web, three laces, and a web lacing guide are included.