My son Josiah, I'm sure is a lot like yours. That is if your son loves to play baseball, cannot wait until he gets his new glove but just hates breaking it in. So what can you do? I've heard of just about every method under the sun to break in a new glove. Most sounded like wives tales or mad science. Then I heard about "The Glove Whisperer", sounded good but had to be expensive. I took a chance and called Mason and it was obvious that he knew his craft well and to my surprise his price is very reasonable and a quick turn around. He gives great customer service by asking about the players position, hand size etc. Most importantly the glove returns to you game ready and Mason tells you how to keep your glove in top condition. We're on our 2nd glove with Mason and Josiah loves it.


From a coach & dad, George

La Habra California



I met Mr. Jenkins at the World Baseball Coaches Convention in 2014. Once I got back home I sent him my sons new All star Catchers mitt, and within a couple days I received it back and WOW it was truly game ready broken in. The process is simple and easy and the results were awesome! My son is already asking me to send Mr Jenkins his fielding glove to get it reconditioned and ready to go for this next year. I would recommend his services to anyone! Thank you for helping my son regain confidence on the field with a truly broken in glove.


Tony C.

9U Travel Ball Coach

Albertville, Alabama

We have been very pleased with GloveWhisperer.com and highly recommend having your glove broken by Mr. Jenkins. He has broken in several gloves for our (now 13 year old) son. He really works some magic on the gloves! The process of dealing with glovewhisper.com was easy from start to finish. We sent the glove to him and in just a few days had it back ready for my son to take to the field. We also had a glove shipped straight to Mr. Jenkins from the online retailer we bought it from and he broke and it and sent it to us. Just call him and he will do all he can to accommodate your needs. His service doesn't end once the glove has been broken in. The glove arrives wrapped with a band he provides and instructions of how to keep the glove wrapped to help maintain its shape. His pricing is very modest considering the quality of the work and the time and frustration that he saves you from having to break in your own glove. I received a glove for myself for Christmas that I will be sending to Mr. Jenkins very soon! I highly recommend him.


Columbia, SC

After discovering GloveWhisperer.com online, I emailed Mr. Jenkins about breaking in a new mitt for my, then, 11 year old catcher. I received almost immediate response to my inquiry leading to a detailed phone conversation and subsequent use of his services. My son is now approaching 14 years of age and using his second mitt that we’ve entrusted to Mr. Jenkins very capable care. Both transactions have resulted in perfectly shaped, very-near game-ready gloves, and with detail provided about how to keep them that way. I have observed that this has instilled confidence in my son by eliminating any concern that his most important piece of equipment might fail or perform in a sub-standard way. Mr. Jenkins services have proven to be worth every cent and I’m very certain that we’ll be sending future gloves his way!


Little Rock, AR

I recently purchased a top of the line Rawlings Infielder’s Glove & Catcher’s Mitt. In the past, I have used all the crazy methods you hear about to help break gloves in such as oil, baking them in the oven with the spray foam glove conditioner, etc. I found Mason Jenkins and spoke with him and some of his past customers several times before deciding to send him my 2 gloves. I sent them on Monday and had them back on Thursday of the same week. That was very quick turnaround time, but even more amazing than that was how the gloves came back. I immediately took the catcher’s mitt to the field and had a catch with a friend of mine and could not believe that I could actually catch with it.   Bottom line…Mason (GloveWhisperer) saved me hours of my time and several months of not being able to use the gloves!! If you have a new or used glove that needs to be broken in, contact Mason and he will have the glove ready to use in less than a week of actual time! - Glenn Rowland

GloveWhisperer has tripled our sales of high end gloves and mitts by the use of their conditioning process. In previous years customers were put off by the long, tough, break-in period it took to make those kinds of gloves playable. Now, due to the demand we condition specific brands and models before they are sold because we know customers will buy them. If they choose a glove not pre-conditioned it only takes a day to have it done. GloveWhisperer has made a big difference.

-Tom Bisanzo, owner of Bruce Park Sports: Greenwich, CT


“I’m an All-star Babe Ruth coach. My son Mike Jr. is a catcher for Stamford High. I brought his new catcher’s mitt to Mr. Jenkins and within a day he made it game ready.” – Mike B.Stamford, CT


“Thanks for doing such a great job with my sons new first baseman’s glove. His confidence level improved on the same day and now is considered the starting first baseman. I can’t say enough about your process.”
- Roy F.


“Mason’s GloveWhisperer process is unbelievable; my daughter’s confidence on the field has increased tremendously now that she can actually keep the ball in the glove!!” – Dana T.


“It is a great process. Don’t know what it is: ). But we were able to use this glove right we got it back in the mail. Definitely worth it!” – Rich B. high school baseball coach


“I finally had a chance to play with the glove I sent you to work on last month and you were right…I couldn’t believe how well it was broken in. In fact it felt just like the 3 year old Nokona glove I had lost a few weeks ago.”
- Russ M., Southwick, MA


“GloveWhisperer transformed my old, dried-out baseball glove into a supple, flexible glove again!” They did a great job at a great price!” – David R.


“Mason Jenkins GloveWhisperer system of breaking in a new glove really works. My son Matthew is a catcher and his mitt is the worst to break in. After sending it to Mason, he got the glove back ready for the next game.” – Michael C.


Mason, I have passed your name along to many of my friends whose sons and daughters play baseball. I have really been happy with your service. It was painless, inexpensive, and perfectly broken in. I will continue to pass the word along as your service is and does exactly what it claims to be. Good luck! - David W. Knights


“Thanks Mason for your revolutionary glove conditioning process. My eight year-old grandson was frustrated because the baseball kept falling out of his new glove. After you conditioned his glove, he is a much improved and confident fielder.” – Steve, Rye, NY


I’m a 13 year Minor league ballplayer. I’ve used the GloveWhisperer process on two gloves that I tried breaking in for the last two seasons. Both gloves were game-ready after only one day. I would use this process on any new glove that I buy in the future or any old glove that needs reconditioning. Thanks Mason!!! - Bobby D


Hi Mason, Your GloveWhisperer process is unbelievable, I sent you 2 new gloves and after three days they were returned and completely broken in and felt like we had them for years!!! My daughter’s confidence on the field has increased tremendously now that she can actually keep the ball in the glove!! - Dana


Mason, I don’t know what your magic is but it worked on Brian’s glove. Your softening process enabled him to use his glove immediately and he plays in a very competitive league. I will be glad to recommend your service to friends and coaches.   Thanks, again. - David Schutzman


Mr. Jenkins, I have to tell you that I’m extremely impressed by your conditioning process. I have played little league to the minors and each step of the way I would be concerned about the ability to break in a new glove properly when debating whether or not to purchase it. I would shy away from the top of the line item due to not having the time or expertise (or patience) to break it in. Those concerns are gone because I know you can take a pro level mitt and have it ready in 30 min. I still remember the stress I had when I was 10 and was given a new 1st base mitt to use. The ball popped out of that glove for a year and a half!!!! No more stress!!!! Thank you. - Joseph V. Berardi


Thanks Mason for your revolutionary glove conditioning process. My eight year-old grandson was frustrated because the baseball kept falling out of his new glove. After you conditioned his glove, he is a much improved and confident fielder. I know because I played catch with him last weekend. - Steve, Rye, NY


Mason. Thanks For doing such a great job with my sons new first baseman’s glove. His confidence level was improved on the same day. He didn’t miss a game all season and now is considered the first string first baseman.I can’t say enough about your process. All the other dads couldn’t believe it was a new glove. See You next season. - Roy Fortier


My daughter Samantha is a Division1 softball player. I bought her one of the best gloves money could buy, sent it to Mason, who did an incredible job making it playable. She has had a tremendous confidence boost. Now my daughter can have a stress free game and the confidence that ball won’t pop out of her glove. I recommend this process to all those parents who want their children to have a competitive edge. - Eddie E. NYC


Mason Jenkins GloveWhisperer system of breaking in a new glove really works. My son Matthew is a catcher, we needed his new glove right away so I called Mason. He got me the glove back two days after I sent it to him. The glove was ready for Matthew to use during his next game. I will continue to bring Matthews future gloves to him. Thank You - Michael Coleman


My son & daughter are both catcher’s & their confidence level has improved since GloveWhisperer conditioned their mitts. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t try the mitts myself. Their gloves were game ready. Thanks Glove Whisperer for the competitive edge & the hours of exhaustive effort you saved me from “breaking in” their mitts. The joy it brought to my kids was well worth the minimal investment. The look on their faces was like Christmas morning when they tried on the mitts. - Raul E


GloveWhisperer transformed my old, dried-out baseball glove into a supple, flexible glove again! I thought I would need to throw out this glove and spend a lot on a new glove…not the case! They did a great job at a great price! - David R.


Mason, after you worked your GloveWhisperer process on my son’s new mitt, his coaches and I were amazed. He used it in our first 2 Little League tournament games, and it was as if he had been playing with it forever. He goes out to the field knowing the mitt will react to the way he wants it to. This is after just having it for a full week. No microwave or oven for us. Only GloveWhisperer will do. - Rick Dooley Port Chester Youth Baseball


Hi Mason, We purchased a new very expensive but excellent quality adult catcher’s mitt for our 12 year old son. At the time of purchase, the dealer gave us information about the GloveWhisperer and Mason Jenkins. We read it and put it aside and began the usual methods parents would use to break in a new baseball glove or mitt. Three weeks went by and our son still would not use his new catcher’s mitt because the balls kept popping out. We decided to give Mason a try. We mailed him the mitt. The entire process from the time I mailed it and received it back took four days. But what happened next was the most important. When our son put the mitt on his hand, his eyes opened wide in amazement and the smile on his face was from ear to ear. The glove was conditioned and broken in perfectly. He immediately threw his old mitt away. Our son has always been an exceptional catcher, but his ability to avoid passed or dropped balls and the confidence he has gained with his new catcher’s mitt since the GloveWhisperer process has been phenomenal. We would highly recommend this conditioning process for anyone at any age. The outcome and turnaround time is unbelievable and the cost is very reasonable. Give it a try you will not be disappointed. - Barbara and BrianKalosky


GloveWhisperer has been a wonderful tool for both the children I coach as well as the adults I play with-It decreases the breaking in process by at least half and the question of” Is it ready” is taken out of the equation. Keep up the fine work. – Eric Holtz Westchester Community College


Hi Mason, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for conditioning my glove. I have had my Rawlings Pro Preferred glove for almost 4 years with no luck of breaking in. After reading an article in the CT Post about your practice I said why not I’ll give it a shot. Oh My God I sent my glove in and two days later I received it back, it is the most mobile glove I own now. It is totally affordable and well worth it, anyone out there that spent a lot of money on a glove they cannot break in I suggest sending it to Mason he is truly the wonder glove conditioner.  Thanks Again. - Kim D