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About Us

GloveWhisperer was founded by Mason Jenkins to help his daughter and her high school and college teammates achieve maximum on-field performance. Mason has brought GloveWhisperer from a garage operation to a nationally recognized brand during the 8 years since he founded GloveWhisperer. The GloveWhisperer brand has been built through word of mouth recommendation and we now receive gloves from player and their parents from all the contiguous U.S and Hawaii as well as from a number of countries in Europe, South America and Asia.

As GloveWhisperer expands its business throughout the U.S. and Internationally it is critical to us that we do so while maintaining the high level of glove services and customer service that we are so well know for by all our customers. Jim Carson has been advising GloveWhisperer since its earliest beginnings and joined GloveWhisperer as President and CEO to ensure that GloveWhisperer maintains its high level of customer satisfaction while we introduce a easier way for customers to order and track Glove services using a web based ecommerce site. Mr. Carson' career in technology and consumer marketing has spanned more then 30 years during which time he has overseen the successful development, introduction and operation of a variety of internet technologies aimed at improve communications between customers and business.