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Most times the answer is NO! After all, the glove is the most important piece of equipment - it wins games. It's all about stopping the ball. There are three ways to do that...catching, trapping and knocking it down. Ninety-eight percent of all gloves are flat and without shape leaving the player with 30% of the glove to stop the ball and the rest is useless. It's like catching a ball with a book. As a player, if you are good with 30% of your glove, how great will you be with 100%?

GloveWhisperer Glove Conditioning and Shaping is a service, a one-of-a-kind technique that conditions and shapes new gloves and reconditions and reshapes older gloves to create uniform flexibility and optimal form for every glove. The end result is a glove that is 100% optimally shaped and always playable for the life of the glove. GloveWhisperer is changing the way players, parents and coaches think about glove conditioning and the benefits of glove performance.

The GloveWhisperer EXPERT ALL NATURAL GLOVE SERVICE guarantees flexibility making your new or flat glove playable NOW, without using chemicals, oils or other compounds that effect the durability of the glove or even harm the player. The natural way is always the best... there is no comparison.

Expensive services and old style home conditioning techniques offer minimal benefits and often breakdown and degrade the glove and may even be harmful to the player.Ovens, microwaves, steam and water are for cooking and can damage your glove.Coating your glove with chemicals, solvents and/ or petroleum products is harmful for your glove and likely harmful to you.

Our service leaves the glove with amazing physical benefits.Even better are the unlimited psychological advantages it gives the player. Not only is this a powerful tool for an individual but it also unifies teams by teaching performance, building confidence and increasing success.

Common Sense :

Common sense and experience tells you that it takes twice as long and is twice as expensive to do something the wrong way than to do it the right way This is a good lesson to learn in dealing with the many misconceptions of baseball/softball glove conditioning/breaking in.

The natural way is always the best...there is no comparison with the misconceptions of using an oven, microwave, clothes dryer, running it over with your car, soaking it in water, coating it with a petroleum product or many other ways to ruin your glove. Since it wins and loses games, it is the most important piece of equipment you own. In most cases it is neglected and usually ends up crushed flat at the bottom of the bat bag from everything sitting on top of it. A flat glove is another misconception because it is no glove. It offers players 30% use of the glove which is increased to 100% after our conditioning and shaping open glove process. Which makes better sense?

We make the difference and as long as the player follows our maintenance program the glove is guaranteed to always stay open and ready to play.

Somewhere a new baseball/softball glove has been bought and requires flexibility or a flat glove in need of reshaping, each needs to become game ready. The owner is trying to figure out the best way to make it happen in the least amount of time. A way that doesn't use heat, oil or harmful chemicals to speed up the process. One that is an all-natural way of making the glove playable in a short time...not weeks or months!!! A process that won't affect the durability of the glove.

There is only one way: The GloveWhisperer way!

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